A Literary Great: Many Lessons to Learn

I have been reading a lot more lately and I got married last month. One of the things that attracted me to my husband, a shared interest, is our love of reading. And in our short time married I have already been blessed to discuss, read with, and listen to thoughts about what he is reading and share with him the same. We have a shared understanding about and a respect for time reading- the Bible and other literature. We have both agreed that one must not ever assume they have arrived in terms of knowledge because there is always something to learn and something that the Lord is teaching us.

Toni Morrison’s recent death bought me here. Revisiting things she said and wrote  prompted me to get back to being more diligent on here. Why? Because writing is not just for me. It’s not just for me – the thoughts that swirl around in my head; the analogies that help me understand a concept (yes I don’t just use these in the classroom).

Toni Morrison famously touted the idea that freedom is not just for yourself. Making a difference in this life must go far beyond self improvement. You find knowledge, you share it. You become empowered, you empower someone. If you are freed, you should help free someone else.

I love this. As Christians, is this not what we’re called to do? Making disciples… Living in community…

This is something that is getting lost in many church cultures. It’s unfortunate but many do not know how to disagree and still extend compassion; how to show grace when someone falls; and how to correct and rebuke in a manner that builds up. How can we cultivate change without sharing, praying, reading and coming together ?

I have never stopped writing but the conviction to share has begun to come from not just my heart but from others.

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