Hello & Welcome to Grace, Shine,Glitter! I’m Anna – saved by my loving Savior, wife to Jeremiah, an aspiring writer, secondary educator, and journaling loving gal. I have a passion for seeing lives changed through transformative truth, especially in the lives of women seeking to navigate life with a biblical worldview in a world so hostile to the gospel and that is the driving force behind Grace,Shine,Glitter.

I found myself yearning to dig deeper beyond the surface of the Word 2 years ago when a woman in my church introduced me to the inductive Bible study method. Initially I found it overwhelming but so rich, especially in the context of discussing God’s Words with other believers. So, being a teacher, I created a tool that helped me to understand how to dig deeper. When you subscribe to my newsletter, Truth in Color, you get an abbreviated copy of the guide, but you can find the full version here in my Etsy shop or on Amazon.

5 years ago, I found Bible Journaling after my mom gifted me an ESV Journaling Bible. In that same time period, I found myself in graduate school, in a new job, and adjusting to learning what it meant to truly be in an abiding relationship with Jesus, secure in my union with Him. So, in came Bullet Journaling which has now come to serve as a tool in my ongoing fight against anxiety and depression and a way to integrate what I am learning in God’s Word throughout the day. All in all journaling has served as commemorative tool – to remember God’s faithfulness in His Word and in my life; to remember the identity I have been given in Christ; and to remember assignments I have been given on this pilgrimage we call life.

My hope is that by sharing my heart, you will find encouragement in the words you read and inspiration in the things you see ; to be empowered to dig and live deeply rooted in God’s Word!







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