Drink More Water. Small Sips Count.

My therapist said "Anna, can you repeat this daily?" And just a little more joy breaks through with each proclamation. So in a season where everyone is prompted to reflect on what they're grateful for, but where I know many are struggling here. May we find just one thing something small that we may be able to say: I am grateful for the small sips, the tiny morsels, and the slow drip of the constant grace and mercy of God to meet me in the valley with His truth.

Bring Him Your Troubles : Yahweh is Our Help

I know God “created the universe and accomplished our eternal salvation. But [I sometimes struggle to] believe that he condescends to watch [my] soap opera of daily trials and tribulations.” And so I buy my own solutions or remedies for those things. My own remedies are much like those pagan gods, no help.

Living in the Helplessness: 5 Sanity Giving Truths Amid Pandemic Living

Being a teacher I believe I can confidently say that this year is testing everyone's patience. We have had to forgo family time as we desire. Those who have lost loved ones - joining in their grief must be done safely from afar (this by far is the hardest to wish to hug & visit … Continue reading Living in the Helplessness: 5 Sanity Giving Truths Amid Pandemic Living

Easy Pressure/Slow Cooker Vegetable Soup Recipe

I recently began a 21 detox (no meats, grains, refined carbs or processed food. Just fruits, veggies, nuts, and legumes!) and have had to pull out some classics & revamp them. One of my favorites so far is a twist on my vegetable soup. I have a Cosori Pressure Cooker (like Instant Pot) which makes … Continue reading Easy Pressure/Slow Cooker Vegetable Soup Recipe

One Beat: Q Tape

My sister in law produced a project, pulling together a group of creatives for a 60 second song challenge. One beat. One theme: love. My muse: my husband and our journey to learn what reconciliation looks like - what's the motivation : that in reconciling God and man Jesus reconciles me and you ! Because … Continue reading One Beat: Q Tape

In the Clouds

“To lie and cringe beneath one’s load means death, but life and power await all those who dare to rise above. Our burdens are our wings; on them we soar to higher realms of grace; without them we must ever roam on plains of undeveloped faith”  - Mary Butterfield    There’s a cloud looming overhead … Continue reading In the Clouds

Hope in the Face of Partiality

The gospel transcends culture and ethnicity; it doesn't cancel it or deny it. The gospel affirms the imago dei ! For it is because of Christs' blood that we have, by the Holy Spirit "put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator" (Colossians 3:10)