Exams… Finals

I can’t believe that after this semester (of which only about 6 weeks are left) I will have only a few months until I graduate! I have been learning so much with each passing semester. Last semester was a great one academically as well as socially. Well Here it is once again I am approaching the end of a semester and 2/3 of my last semesters here at the University of Maryland. It has been a rocky ride, but it has taught me so much. I have discovered and pursued passions, lost and gained friends; figured out who I don’t want to be and who I do want to be through experience; and overall just learned about the harsh realities outside of my generally sheltered life. What I mean by “sheltered” is relatively easy. I have had to overcome quite a few hurdles and am truly grateful to have made it out alive and sane (so it seems so at this point).

I have changed my study habits- learned to be more consistent; and for this although my grades don’t always reflect my efforts I am grateful for the growth where it has been most needed- the drive to fight and persevere no matter what – looking to the end and not getting discouraged by mistakes or high class exam averages (for those lovely difficult but curved courses). UMD is not the school for everyone- it’s a harsher environment for some- depending on where you come from. For me – it was the school in my backyard, but oh such a culture shock for the “bigness” present in the classroom and on the campus. Once you get over this you can thrive.

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