Gifts of Grace: Peace with the Past & Hope for the Future 

I can’t tell you how wowed & amazed I am over and over again at God’s grace BUT this morning- April 19th- I’m stupefied !

This morning’s devotion (see below) was on regret !

Regret is something I think everyone lives with to some degree, but how we respond to it is what differs… Over the last couple days several times I’ve been reminded of poor mistakes & the regret over those mistakes has driven me to once again relive those past moments & replay lies I once believed…

I’ve come away from this most recent “replaying of those old tapes” pushed to cling all the more tightly to the cross of Christ! I have succumb on numerous occasions- past and present- to my own WEAK desires and I regret that ; but I’m comforted that Christ has paid the price for my sin. And I’m grateful that,although painful, God continues to expose my sin  & make me more aware of my desperate need for Him.

So the next time a painful, regretful, memory is triggered – Lord help me to look back but with the burden lifted by forgiving grace and may this drive me into your arms all the more ! May the price you’ve paid in love by giving your life propel me to live for you & not myself. May I live in the peace that only you bring & remember you are the hope that anchors the soul !

April 19th Devotion from New Morning Mercies (Paul Tripp)

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