Love the Skin I’m In – Bye Acne ! 

I contemplated skin peels or recurrent visits to my aesthetician to get rid of acne and scarring… However, a lipstick purchase + Some Sephora free samples led me to a better answer : GLYCOLIC ACID + intensive hydrating ! I had heard great things from my mom about products containing glycolic acid since she’d switched to a cleanser containing it and even my favorite esthetician has a poster with an onion detailing the benefits of glycolic acid for the skin in her spa . So when one of the sample choices at Sephora was a glycolic acid facial cleanser that doubles as a purifying mask – I chose to give it a try! I’ve been getting my acne under control but have been in need of something to give a deep clean/ prevent new blemishes as well as prevent scarring + moisturize!

Over-cleansing or not moisturizing your skin enough will dry it causing it to overcompensate with extra oil production = ACNEeeeee. Which is why my focus for healing my skin has been one of gentle cleansing & extensive moisturizing (especially at night); as well as analyzing what I eat (less sugar & dairy, more water & fiber + Chasteberry supplements to balance hormones). The new cleanser/mask  gave my skin just the purge it needed! Now my routine seems to be more effective since my skin is better responding to/ absorbing the moisturizers I use. I also use 1 topical treatment from my dermatologist (Aczone) to spot treat zits, but this is on an as needed basis.

So now other than my deep cleansing + moisturizing nightly routine when more susceptible to breakouts – I use a mild cleanser in the morning &  moisturizer with sunscreen (SUPER important even for dark skin to prevent hyperpigmentation/ scarring from becoming worse) before heading out the door! I’m just trying to keep it simple (and less expensive- to which I am glad my routine can mostly be found in Target/Wal-Mart with the exception of the Sephora finds or esthetician/Ulta scores in desperate times)! The real test of course was seeing what happens when I hit the point in the month where my hormones go haywire + the breakouts erupt ! And I was relieved when watching my diet + moisturizing my skin adequately returned on the investment by way of calmer, brighter skin, and less breakouts. I know how to assault the zits once they arrive and I am grateful that these changes have been just what I need to be more on the preventative end of things ! I am also now glad that for the sake of my pockets- I am learning how to alternate products for seasonal changes/my skin’s needs which means spending less money.

While I love these products, topical prescription included, I do not use them every day – mainly just as needed. As a result each product typically lasts – a few months to a year or more depending on size and frequency of use each month – something I am monitoring. I also have learned from a friend to take FULL advantage of the free samples places like Sephora give out. I’ve tried products that I LOVE BUT WILL NOT BUY because of the price points but my skin still benefited from the use (especially the larger samples).  Without a sample – I wouldn’t have known that spending $20 could save me a lot more time and money as opposed to countless dermatologists visits (with $30 copays) or esthetician visits with a higher tab… It’s a different process for everyone, but don’t always jump to believe that you need to spend an arm + leg to heal and take care of your skin – sometimes a lil splurge is necessary BUT weight your options because most of the time there are less expensive alternatives 🙂 I’ll be updating you on my summer beauty faves later as well– this summer has been marked by flirty scents + finding  products that are much more effective (in terms of cost + results)  Oh + that LAST much longer (aka – one time investment + less money spent in the long run  ! 🙂  img_9755

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