R.E.C.A.L.L Bible Study Guide [Printable]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEpWPqb6bvs As someone who loves bullet journaling because of the simplistic intentionality of that method of planning, within my Bible study I have been wanting to be more systematic & intentional with the time, so I created this guide. Stay tuned on how I am using the guide, and grab yours below Get your Free … Continue reading R.E.C.A.L.L Bible Study Guide [Printable]

How I Study the Bible : R.E.C.A.L.L Study Method + My Favorite Tools

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1xlhyEz63k Studying the Bible with R.E.C.A.L.L REST - Rest in the Prince of Peace (through Prayer)ENTER- Enter into the biblical metanarrative by gathering context/background information on the book you are about to read. CHEW- Chew on God's Word, chapter by chapter. Read the book you are going through one Chapter at a time so that … Continue reading How I Study the Bible : R.E.C.A.L.L Study Method + My Favorite Tools

Bible Journaling Esther 4:14

Esther 4:14 Bible Journal entry💜 This is our heritage, this is our history. A people redeemed, called by name, by God- Culminating in the birth , life, death, & resurrection of Christ whose return we now await... Until then this is our history to take up and learn... And oh is it telling, filled with … Continue reading Bible Journaling Esther 4:14

Truth in Color Ep. 2: Bible Journal Tools & a Flip Through of my Bible Journals

In my next video (Truth in Color Ep. 2),  I discuss  favorite Bible Journaling tools (I also use the same things for Bullet Journaling) and I do a quick flip through of some of my favorite entries ! The tools mentioned are listed below - click on item to find out more about it ! … Continue reading Truth in Color Ep. 2: Bible Journal Tools & a Flip Through of my Bible Journals

Truth in Color Episode 1: Why Bible Journaling & a Free Resource

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month ! I wanted to share my passion for Bible Journaling & Offer a Free Resource to help life the burden of this time/ allow you to contemplate and color some truths from Scripture. Check out this video (books quoted are favs of mine & are linked below) !

One Beat: Q Tape

My sister in law produced a project, pulling together a group of creatives for a 60 second song challenge. One beat. One theme: love. My muse: my husband and our journey to learn what reconciliation looks like - what's the motivation : that in reconciling God and man Jesus reconciles me and you ! Because … Continue reading One Beat: Q Tape

In the Clouds

“To lie and cringe beneath one’s load means death, but life and power await all those who dare to rise above. Our burdens are our wings; on them we soar to higher realms of grace; without them we must ever roam on plains of undeveloped faith”  - Mary Butterfield    There’s a cloud looming overhead … Continue reading In the Clouds

Hope in the Face of Partiality

The gospel transcends culture and ethnicity; it doesn't cancel it or deny it. The gospel affirms the imago dei ! For it is because of Christs' blood that we have, by the Holy Spirit "put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator" (Colossians 3:10)