University of Maryland Memorial Chapel

“You know me completely and yet you love me so deeply… Help me never forget it. We’re purposed by you… God, your love is unchanging your love is unfailing… There are things [I’ve done]; places [I’ve gone I don’t have any business going].” He’s writing over my heart.
Casey J

In 2 months I will receive my B.S. In Nutrition, Lord willing ! I am so overwhelmed with gratitude ! As I was sitting, waiting for my next class to start this morning & studying for my Advanced Human Nutrition exam this afternoon I was overwhelmed listening to this Casey J song. It reminded me of my journey over the course of my life but more specifically how God has purposed these last 4 1/2 years to mold me & shape me into Anna Marie, God’s child/servant; confident in what He says about me & what He’s done for me through His Son !

The last 4 years have been incredible – filled with a lot of ups & downs, but in this moment I’m in awe of who God is! And I am ever trusting and confident in His ability to heal and change hearts! I cannot begin to express the joy in my heart for how He has once more written His Word over my heart to deliver me from myself (it’s a daily work-in-progress) !

I am amazed and grateful at what He’s bought me from & how He has wrapped me in His love & reminded me of who He is & what He’s done in moments where I despised myself so much ; and believed that I was lost to the desires of this world. His work is in no way complete – He’s not done with me yet !

I am REJOICING at how He is teaching me to have and find joy in Him alone in moments when my heart is broken and I feel guilty. He’s teaching me to bring my problems (ALL my problems) before Him & relinquishing my control over certain circumstances.  He has interrupted my shame (years of it!) and given me peace! He’s got this !

I’m ready for the road ahead- excited to see what He had planned for the road ahead !

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