So Many Feelings…

Sho Baraka recently released a new project commemorating 15 years of marriage & it’s dope– Go Listen !

I especially love the Conflict Interlude & So Many Feelings. No, I am not married – but being in any relationship- engaging conflict is important. I’ve especially seen this to be true in dating. One of my significant other’s friends recently asked him “how do you and Anna deal with your differences?”… My boyfriend and I both agreed that we are aware of our differences but that those aren’t always, if they at all are, discussed.

Listening to the Conflict Interlude made me think of this conversation more. In it, at one point, Sho Baraka basically says that God made us all differently – different backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, and different stories. By choosing not to engage conflict or to engage those differences – a married couple chooses to commit to be 2 people instead of becoming one! Whewww who thinks of conflict in that light?! NO ONE probably!

Even in a non- romantic relationship- let’s say in the church: How does iron sharpen iron IF it doesn’t get close enough to do that sharpening (Proverbs 27:17 NIV). That’s the point : it doesn’t !

We must commit to being vulnerable, uncomfortable, confronted & corrected. The things we avoid can be the instruments our redeemer is yielding to conform us to His ways!

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