Summer Favorites

From left to right: Body Boost Stretch Mark Butter (Milk + Honey), Kiss My Face Facial Moisturizer (SPF50), Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser, European Wax Center’s Body Wash + Lotion in “Sensual Strut”

I grew up the kid who loved trips with my mom to Bath & Body Works. But fast forward many years and I am an adult with seasonal asthma & occasional eczema (AKA sensitive airways + equally if not more sensitive skin). So I have had to leave and come back to my love for smell goods other girly things time and time again. However now I can flip over a bottle & stare down the ingredients + look for the absence of certain chemicals. This is very, very hard especially when trying to keep cost down so if I am unable to completely eliminate something I can at least make sure it’s at the very bottom of the list (e.g. parabens). However, many companies are beginning to offer these “____-free” alternatives whether that’s sulfates in shampoo, parabens, or formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP in nail polish- it’s out there and you can make conscious choices based on your preferences & your budget.

So this summer I wanted some more “smell-goods” and fun frilly things without having to use my inhaler or rubbing myself down in Gold bond healing lotion because of a breakout. In terms of perfume- I once again turned to good ole free samples! Sephora, Ulta, and many other stores that sell beauty products want you to buy their products so they’ll offer samples from time to time. I wanted to find a “signature scent” other than Pink Sugar or Kenzo Amour (Groupon has had deals [>50% markdown] on Pink Sugar from time to time & Kenzo was a gift back in high school – shows how much I wear perfume considering the bottle is now over 5 years old…). I still sport both from time to time depending on my mood + the occasion and these have been my go-to scents since my freshman year of high school – they’re light, smell good ,and they don’t make me sick! However recently I wanted something a lil more floral and a lot less flirty to mix it up & I received a sample of Versace Bright Crystal from Sephora to which I turned around and purchased (a very small) bottle of it; a back to school something new to try.

Lotion + Bodywash
: In comes European Wax Center. As a proud keratosis pilaris sufferer – shaving + my skin don’t get along and neither do ingrown hairs so I’ve always been very particular about lotion as my legs would always seem dry to the point of itching (especially in the winter months). So of course I am a cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil fan. However these can at times leave me greasy and wishing I could just use a lotion that does it’s job + smells good at the same time. So I decided to try EWC’s “Sensual Strut” scent- it smells like dreams of vanilla + apricot nectar (and just what does that smell like anyways)… It’s lotion but it really does the job for my skin without making me feel like I stepped into a jar of plain Cerave or Cetaphil (both great for eczema + dry skin, by the way) or walked out of a jar of petroleum jelly. Lastly 1 bottle of each has lasted me well over 3 months ! I get tired of buying lotion + soap over and over because it either doesn’t agree with my skin or doesn’t get the job done (not exactly tired but a little annoyed at the dollars).

Body Boost’s Stretch Mark Butter: 
While picking up gifts for my then pregnant sister-in-law at Motherhood Maternity, my mother scored me a jar of this stuff + let me tell you although skeptical (and by now accepting of these lovely stripes) I decided to try it out. Stretchmarks are dark before they finally turn white. If you catch them while they’re dark – you can cause them to fade some if not mostly. This is what happened for me- thanks mom!

Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser , Kiss My Face face factor Sunscreen, and Josie Maran Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment 
So these 3 are probably my favorite! First is my morning moisturizer- Kiss My Face sunscreen – woah! I bought this for vacation in June aware that failing to protect my skin from the sun on the beach meant further hyperpigmentation of acne scars amidst normal concern for sun damage etc. My skin was also irritated and pretty broken out at the time. However, it almost immediately cleared up within the first 2-3 days in Florida when I started using this & I could feel the relief that the extra moisture was providing. Next up- Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser + Josie Maran intensive hydrating treatment – first I received a free sample and then I was hooked. The Josie Maran product is a great addition to boost your regular moisturizer or use alone ( I like Neutrogena’s Moisture boost gel as an alternative [my dermatologist’s office gave me a few samples]). I mix 2-3 drops of the argan oil treatment with my moisturizer at night to really moisturize my face.These are my faves because each has a story of how a skin problem was solved whether that’s dry skin or wanting a frilly but more professional everyday scent.It’s been a fun summer ! 

Thanks Sephora, Ulta and Target’s beauty section for taking my money in the process of experimenting… The experiment is adjourned 🙂

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