The Gospel & Justice

Hello friends ! I do want to make this as concise as I can - I have been thinking a lot about the racial unrest in our country (and especially how this unrest reveals a lot of ugly truth about the church at large - its complicity in segregation & racism...). I've been coming to … Continue reading The Gospel & Justice

Mask Off : 5 Lessons in the Age of a Global Health Pandemic

...There is a heart shaped protein that is responsible for COVID-19 being able to form the pieces of machinery it needs to wreck havoc within the body. Within our personal lives & church communities we need to pray the Lord prunes us (John 15) - to remove what does not glorify Him from our hearts and disciplines us into fruitful activity!

How I Study the Bible : R.E.C.A.L.L Study Method + My Favorite Tools Studying the Bible with R.E.C.A.L.L REST - Rest in the Prince of Peace (through Prayer)ENTER- Enter into the biblical metanarrative by gathering context/background information on the book you are about to read. CHEW- Chew on God's Word, chapter by chapter. Read the book you are going through one Chapter at a time so that … Continue reading How I Study the Bible : R.E.C.A.L.L Study Method + My Favorite Tools

Exams… Finals

I can't believe that after this semester (of which only about 6 weeks are left) I will have only a few months until I graduate! I have been learning so much with each passing semester. Last semester was a great one academically as well as socially. Well Here it is once again I am approaching … Continue reading Exams… Finals

Safe in His Arms

I recently came back to this blog and discovered a few posts that have been occupying my draft collection. This past year has bought so many changes - joys, sorrows, ups, downs, growth and setbacks...However as I learn and journal I continue to reflect back and see reasons to be grateful. At the end of … Continue reading Safe in His Arms

Falling Leaves

Relationships, life, circumstances, plans - are all just as transitory as the deciduous leaves on a tree. Leaves change colors and fall in  autumn. Relationships change, our hearts change direction, health is threatened by sickness, and plans for the future change often, making it necessary to adapt and adjust on a moments notice. I find … Continue reading Falling Leaves