How I Study the Bible : R.E.C.A.L.L Study Method + My Favorite Tools

Studying the Bible with R.E.C.A.L.L

  • REST – Rest in the Prince of Peace (through Prayer)
  • ENTER- Enter into the biblical metanarrative by gathering context/background information on the book you are about to read.
  • CHEW- Chew on God’s Word, chapter by chapter. Read the book you are going through one Chapter at a time so that you can chew on God’s Word & carefully contemplate what you are reading.
  • ANNOTATE– As you chew on God’s Word, highlight/ underline key & repeated words/phrases; note cross references; outline ! In the guide I created for you, I have included a cut out you can place in your Bible to help keep track of your notes by creating a color code/symbol key for reading
  • LEARN– meditate & memorize. Jot down verses that stand out to you & verses you would like to commit to memory.
  • LEAVE- Ask (pray) what God is calling you to leave your time in the text with ? What attribute of His character is He revealing through this text? How does this text point me to Christ? What prayer am I compelled to pray in light of this text? What action am I compelled to take in light of this text?

My Fav Bibles:

Books / Resources:

His testimonies My heritage (Kristi Anyabwile)

Women of the Word (Jen Wilkin)

How to Read the Bible Book By Book (Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart)

Blue Letter Bible (different translations, word study, cross references)

The Bible Project

How to outline the bible :…

Other favorites(Shown, but not mentioned)

Bible Journaling Esther 4:14

Esther 4:14 Bible Journal entry💜

This is our heritage, this is our history. A people redeemed, called by name, by God- Culminating in the birth , life, death, & resurrection of Christ whose return we now await… Until then this is our history to take up and learn… And oh is it telling, filled with HOPE of our STEADFASTLY loving, FAITHFUL GOD…

I always find it remarkable and am always blown away at the timeliness of where my chronological Bible reading falls…
It has been impressed upon me what we are called to do & largely convicting to see it in the Word…

The examples we see are blatant … The collective repentance/ confession of sin of Israel (Nehemiah 9); God’s faithfulness to His promise despite Israel’s moral compromise…
Esther did not remain silent ! Mordecai tells her their deliverance , had she chosen silence, would have come from another place BUT she and her father’s family would have been destroyed !

Learn your heritage, learn His testimonies, see how He has and promises to work on behalf of those who wait for Him. Witness His faithfulness. Pray to be moved to act in light of who He is.

This is my heritage… Nehemiah is mine… Esther is mine … Job is mine… David is mine… Asaph is mine… Paul is mine…
& So many more used by God BUT most of all :
Christ is mine & I am His.

“Perhaps you have come to your royal position for such a time as this” Esther 4:14

**Audio is All Things Are Yours Interlude Shai Linne (Lyrical Theology, Pt. 1) – Pastor Anthony Carter of East Point Church in East Point, GA.