The Blood Quilt


With my dad on a sailing trip my mom put together a girls night out that consisted of one of our favorite past times – a stage play! My mom introduced me to the Kennedy Center. My childhood was filled with trips to see Alvin Ailey, orchestral works, and stage plays. Arena Stage has been a focal point to my exposure to the performing arts- from Regina Taylor’s Crowns, Damn Yankees, Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Ladies, Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, The Blood Quilt I have laughed cried and sat in silence at the acting that has graced the stage before my eyes & the stories that have entertained and delivered messages, lessons, and pieces of history! 

Last night I got to witness an awesome work- Katori Hall’s The Blood Quilt (onstage at Arena Stage until June 7th- it is a must see!!!); which chronicled the story of 4 sisters who reunite after their mother’s death at the quilting circle. Knots aren’t the only thing buried as the sisters patch squares together and later gather around the frame to stitch the 4 corners of their quilt together. They bring pain, joy, memories, regrets, hurt, love, and anger to the frame as they each stitch pieces of themselves into the tapestry that reflects , celebrates, and remembers not only the tradition of their ancestors but their lives and stories as well. 

The piece embodies the history of a people who although torn from their home and native land have and continue to enrich America with their culture, beliefs, and their resilience! The strength of the 4 woman in this story is powerful- the things they overcome; the lessons learned. It is truly incredible ! I totally recommend this play! 

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