Tracing God’s Hand: Beginning a New Chapter


Let the reading begin! Intro to Epidemiology, Fundamentals of Health Policy, and Environmental/Occupational Health are three of the courses

This week I wrapped up my last week of my break from school! Finishing undergrad I wasn’t sure if God was leading me to go straight to grad school or take a “gap year.” However after getting a job in the area I was even more convinced of where school would have to be geographically unless the program was online and after much research I knew that I wanted to find a public health nutrition program (there’s only 1 in this area however). So I decided to apply to 2 Public Health programs: UMD (public health practice and policy) and GWU (public health nutrition) and much to my surprise I was accepted into both.

Friday I attended the new student orientation for graduate students in the Milken Institute of Public Health. I met people from California, New Jersey, Florida, and Georgia to name a few. Beyond disease surveillance (epidemiology) and health promotion public health is about social justice and asking the right questions! Public health is about diversity of thought and ideas not just diversity of race and ethnicity. It’s about seeking solutions to the problems that come about as a result of limited access to adequate food, water, and/or healthcare. To have the Associate Dean of Public Health Practice speak about fostering relationships and getting out of the box and collaborating with others in different disciplines to find out how to ask good questions, I was even more sure that I was in the right place. To have a faculty member from Global Health point out that much of the problems we see today in public health are in fact issues of social injustice- I was sure this was where I am supposed to be. As a former Bringing Home the Lessons Ambassador for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and as a Christian woman, I have been trained and it is a desire of my heart to fight for what’s right!

So this past week I cleaned out old college chemistry and biology notes as well as other mementos of 2011-2015 in preparation for this new season- Master of Public Health! While cleaning up I had numerous flashbacks to both joyous and difficult moments, pain and sorrow, anger, and rejoicing. However I am also keenly aware of an overwhelming sense of peace that marked many moments in the midst of chaotic times and I am now encouraged to step into this new season because I know the one who controls all things and works them out for His glory and my good!  I mention this to say that it is incredible to end a season and start a new one freshly aware of God’s good and perfect providence- through the good and bad. He has been faithful to keep me. He has never left me.

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