What Does Your Past Say About You Today?

So grateful to have read this.

I love this post ( desiringgod.org ). . .The excerpt below is so beautiful!

“Ghost lines tell stories. And one important story they tell is that things in my life have changed. The shadows of lines from my past remind me of how far my Lord has brought me. The fact that they are only shadows shows me that he is in the process of redeeming all things, even the hardest, most painful things. They also remind me that he has been with me all along. They are marks of his glory and grace, tracing for me the ways he has carried me, saved me, rescued me, and forgiven me. Like Paul, I can look back at the stories these lines tell and see how Christ has been my strength in weakness. I can show my canvas to others, point out the lines, and boast in what he has done.”

– Christina Fox (guest contributor for desiringgod.org)

I have struggled with fear & anxiety about what my past means for today; but have found immense comfort, over time,  in looking more at what God is doing and has done in saving me and purchasing eternal life for me (an eternity with him!) rather than beating myself up for poor decisions.

Ghost lines = those pesky pencil lead marks left behind when you erase but had pushed down too hard with the pencil for the marks to come up completely… Those remnants of the past – pain, hurt, sorrow, old relationships, sin are like those ghost lines… However, although the lines are still there,  they are not there as definitions of who we are, but mere shadows of what we’ve been delivered from when we were made alive in Christ! There’s no need to look back except to rejoice….


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